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Why There Can Be No Doubt as to God’s Existence

Thank you for visiting this site. I am sure you will find it unique from other sites related to former atheists. 

Let us begin with establishing what atheism is. In essense, it is the absence of theism or the state of not being influenced by a belief in God or gods. Notice other words containing the same "a" prefix.

• adynamic (adjective) A reference to the lack of strength or vigor.
• apolitical (adjective) Having no interest or involvement in politics.
• asexual (adjective) Without any sexual gestures, feelings, or associations.
• atoxic (adjective) Not poisonous nor harmful to people, animals, or the environment.
• atypical (adjective) Descriptive of not being characteristic, not usual, or not normal.

Words beginning with the "a" prefix mean: no, absence of, without, lack of, or not. It is important to remember this when accessing the true meaning of the words: atheist, atheistic, atheism.

The mindset of a theist is geared toward God; whereas the thoughts of an atheist are not. The vast majority of people today are practicing atheists; they actively avoid the thought of God in their day-to-day lives. Even when they perform a theistic gesture, it is usually for show. Remember, the prefix a means: no, absence of, without, lack of, etc. So, we have the situation where people could be nominal Christians but in actuality practicing atheists.

People who call themselves atheists do not like this definition. In fact, they get upset when this is pointed out to them However we cannot change the meaning of the prefix "a" to mean "anti", can we? Those who argue against the existence of an Almighty Creator are simply anti-theists. Whereas individuals who could care less are the real atheists!

Appreciative hearts worldwide have to acknowledge a Higher Power or a First Cause of some sort. Why? Becase of the abundance of life-sustaining elements that are found everywhere on this planet. It is utterly impossible for this phenomenon to occure on its own. Earth can provide for, not only the current population, but fifty and even a hundred times that amount, with there still being enough room for parks and reserves every few acres. In fact, every human could comfortably fit in the State of Texas, leaving the rest of the globe uninhabited. Do the math, watch the video.

“Amazing as it may seem, the entire population of the world can be housed in the U.S. state of Texas,” reports Vitality magazine. By dividing the land mass of Texas with all the people on earth, “a family of 5 would thus occupy more than [an acre] of living space. Even in Texas, that’s a mansion.”

Studies have shown that an acre of land can feed 129 people so, really, there is no excuse for hunger in today's world. Scarsity is something evil minds have created to cheat people out of what is readily available.

When we stop and appreciate what is available to us, a thankful heart spontaneously has to give praise to the provider. I have seen it and you probably have too, time and time again on televised nature shows where the narrator gives praise to evolution, thanking it for the billions of year it took to give us these wonders!

Former atheists have expressed their thoughts as to what changed their thinking about God. Some have said it was a beautiful sunset while driving home. Others have said it was the birth of their child. In my case it was the meaning of life. Whatever it was it involved appreciation of the obvious. Answers to simple questions such as: Why do we have taste buds? Why do we see colors? Why do we want to share with others? These questions cannot be answered by those who take God out of the picture.

There are certain elements that make us human beings, different from other creatures on the planet. These have to do with  consciousness, language, marriage, death, and worship.

Many billions of dollars plus decades of research have been poured into making us equal to lower life forms on the planet. After all, we DID evolve from these, right? However, all studies have proven otherwise. The fact is and always will remain that, no matter how wonderful animals are in all their glory, only we are unique. Believing otherwise has led to ridiculous conclusions.

 In an article I wrote regarding racism, I stated: "Humans are not like dogs or other animals, where there are breeds some may consider superior to others. Mankind, however, produce only one make and model, and that is the human race; anything different about us can only be as significant as eye color."

Those who believe in Dawin's theory of evolution are forced into a corner. If humans and primates have a common ancestor, then some races have to be more evolved than others. Some scientists have had the courage to admit that this is their understanding. "There is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically," Noble Prize winner,  James D. Watson, writes. "Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so."

Look into the Nim Chimpsky experiment, comparing pigs to a 3-year-old child and a chicken to a four-year old, extraterrestials building Machu Pichu, and the list goes on and on.

These notions go against our most basic values BECAUSE they are rooted in the concept that we were not created.

No matter what science has "proven", we know a chicken is not equal to a four-year-old child, a pig is not smarter than a three-year-old, the ancient Incan people were smart enough to build Machu Pichu, and that DNA cannot prove one race superior to another. And we also should know that the theory of evolution is misleading.

Those of us who study languages can testify that no language is superior to another. Out of the more than 6,000 languages we speak, not one could be classified as "primitive".  Every child learns his language in the same amount of time, no matter if it is Chuj in Guatemala, Chichewa in Malawi or Quechua in Bolivia. We who study different tongues are constantly amazed by their complexity and organization. Noam Chomsky has convincingly shown that only humans are endowed with this ability. As much as science wanted the Nim Chimpsky experiment to work, Nim's longest sentence as the 16-word-long "Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you."

An animal, like a dog, as shown with chimps, cannot get beyond the quest for food. Humans need more and there is no evolutionary explaination for this uniqueness.

What motivates people to do good, be self-sacrificing and be conciencious? Evolution? Survival the fitest? The answer has to involve a First Cause, one with a personality that is centered in love. People who truly believe in the goodness of humanity, sooner or later, must believe in God. There is really no other alternative.

There is a book about the Bible that states the following about us human beings and belief in God:

One of the best things about humans is our ability to love. That also reflects God. The Bible teaches that “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) We love because God loves. Would love move you to end the suffering and the injustice you see in the world? If you had the power to do that, would you do it?


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